NERV was so busy fortifying the geofront against angels, they forgot to make it proof against memes

After we're done with Area 51, who wants to come with me to Tokyo-3 and start Third Impact

current mood: the instrumental part of Komm Susser Tod where it's just the strings caling up and down or however it's called, from the part where it slow pans up Giant Naked Rei looming over the forest of crosses as everyone's souls are swirling around the Black Moon

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so all three Switch games I ordered arrived here before my Switch itself did

Rock Lee is a trans icon because we can frame any necessary surgery as removing the training weights from our body and enabling us to defeat Gaara

Q: What does Tori think?

A: I think you mean When and the answer is Literally Never

Share if you don't think

Kirk: "Imagine if tribbles could fly."
Spock: "Not to show emotion but *jesus christ*"

... The latest episode of Star Twinkle Precure appears to be a Precure take on Trouble with Tribbles

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Get in the robot Shinji

End of Evangelion: Get in the robot Shinji

First half of Rebuild: Get in the robot Shinji

Second half of Rebuild: For the love of *god* Shinji *please* stop getting in the goddamn robot!

found on birdsite. I feel it needs to be here.

on second thought, let's *not* make a cover of tsubasa o kudasai, a lot of listeners will be like "it's from Evangelion!" or "it's from DanganRonpa!" or they'll upload it like "Akai Tori - Tsubasa wo Kudasai (1970) - Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance"

A band playing Right Outside My Window was doing various marching-band tunes and is doing the Monty Python themesong

(yes I know that's originally Liberty Bell, shush)

blearily shopping for skirts which I can wear over my shorts

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