I've designed an algorithm to determine whether the people I'm interviewing are qualified for a software engineering position:

> return false;

You should be able to create a design that involves more than one class. An ArrayList is not appropriate for a FIFO buffer. If you're a statistics major, you should have some idea what variance is and how to account for it. If you've never taught anyone anything, why would you be qualified for a senior position?

It's been a bad month for interviews!

I just imagined GLaDOS saying "I'm just a tiny lesbian who doesn't know how to deal" and it killed me instantly

On this same topic: I try to keep my mouth shut when other trans people limit the term “chaser” to cis people and I usually fail. For one thing there are most definitely, if rarely, other trans people who are straight up predators and this is just a stupid blind spot to create for yourself.

How to meet cool lesbians:

-go to the dog park, bring a dog
-mastodon, just make an account and say “hi I’m looking for lesbians”
-take a woodworking class
-wander into any forest and you’re sure to find one or two lesbians
-every firefighting crew has one cool lesbian on it, set something on fire, it doesn’t have to be small, could be a bank!
-hang out in hat stores

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

Like I'll see some clumsy attempt at corporate "hello fellow kids"-ness and my reaction is "ohhhh scheisse"

... RPing as an OC Belkan Knight has caused German cussing to contaminate my vocabulary.

Ever feel tiny even though you're like 6'2" or w/e?

*the whole "you cannot kill me in a way that matters" speech while Kefka's final boss theme starts playing*

aaaand my tl is doing the "only up to x time" thing again .........

OK, my home-timeline column is acting weird, it just ... doesn't want to display toots more recent than 9 hours ago ...

mastodon has such good trans energy. I'm friends with almost no other trans people on Facebook. Twitter is just pessimism and quote tweeting transphobia. Nt gonna touch Reddit with a ten foot pole.

but I've met so many great trans people here that I've legit learned a lot from and cont I continue to do so. hell I even consider some of you actual friends and plan on inviting some to my wedding (and if you cant come that's understandable. but that's how much I care about some of you already)

This transbian supervillain character I'm working on is essentially poly and absolutely clueless when it comes to self-care, and I'm realizing that that's just a degree of authenticity that you'll never get from a cis writer.

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