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I am Dizzy, and I am a huge lesbian. In principle, i have the ability to program, write, make games, compose music, and make pixel art, in descending order of how easy they actually are for me/in ascending order of the ratio between how much energy it takes from me to the actual rewards.

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I'm gay. I'm a lesbian. I don't want to be straight. Have you seen me without this stupid hat on? "Muffin, you don't wear a hat." That's gay.

One of Neon Genesis Evangelion's core questions is whether the self can survive a piecemeal deconstruction and reconstruction over prolonged exposure to traumatic events.

This problem is known in philosophical circles as the Cruel Angel's Ship of Theseus.

I finally stopped procrastinating on watching the Evangelion episode where Asuka gets introduced, and *wow* this has been one continuous clown-show

I found a "suspicious cookie" in the oven. I expected a lazy weed joke but instead got this, which got legitimate laughter out of me.

I think this game might be great, y'all

*Closes bible, gets on knees and folds hands to pray*

Me: Hey, God? Are you like ... okay? Because you've been acting out recently and we're all a little worried about you, so if you want to talk

I'm gonna be real w/ y'all

there was a period of time when I was a young child - already knew I was a girl, of course - where I simply didn't understand heterosexuality

what I mean by that is, I took a lot of social signifiers and tropes VERY literally

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My dearest Winnifred,

It is with regrets that I must write to you to say that three of the little ones have been taken by the Clout. My only consolation is that they are now, after such a painful ordeal, at rest.

Yours pompously,
Baron Richsman

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Illness mention 

"Clout" will always sound to me like the name of a 19th century illness that has since been eradicated by like hygiene or nutrition or something

Like, I could do something with the Hifuu stories, but without the broader context of i.e. Mom!Rin Satsuki, and my original plans for PoDD ... I 'unno.

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Oh yeah, I reread my "Touhou KS" fanfics a week or two ago. In retrospect, I kiiiiiinda feel like the tone and AU-changes sort of ... wandered off from what I like about Touhou. ^^;

today i read a super gay touhou fanfic and then had one of my best runs in hidden star in four seasons despite not having picked it up in months

i refuse to believe this is a coincidence

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