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I'm gay. I'm a lesbian. I don't want to be straight. Have you seen me without this stupid hat on? "Muffin, you don't wear a hat." That's gay.

Halfway through the chapter: "My best friend is my lover. But that is a secret from everyone."

Oh there we go.

*opens up a yuri manga*

Chapter 1 opening narration: "I have ... a best friend."

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Me, every once in a while: "it's kinda odd that I know the genital configuration of like, most of my friends."

me: "oh right cis society assumes you know the configuration of everybody. What the fuck."

Komm Süsser Tod but with the Yoshi's Island soundfont

Kermitflailing after watching the latest episode of Star Twinkle Precure @.@

I ... am genuinely not sure why I keep End-of-Evangelion meming.

Probably just because it's the only *weird* end-of-the-world scenario I'm familiar with that isn't just "everyone dies" or "the planet/universe is destroyed."

*flops after putting everything into the fridge* 🎵 It all ... returns ... to nothiiiiing! 🎶 It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling doooooooowwwwwwwn 🎵

*tries to go and do groceries, turns into tang instead*

in fact I would say that my pilot response is verging on infinite zero

today's level of tired: Barely Functional But I Need To Do Groceries

Last night I very briefly mistook a picture of Rose Lalonde for Alice Margatroid.

tbh out of all the Evangelion memes, I don't think you can really beat "turned into orange tang" in terms of sheer meme-potential.

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I am very very tired of everything, especially not getting enough sleep

feeling very exhausted on a fundamental level rn

... that's probably the sleep dep but still

My three most recently-played Steam games are Touhou Luna Nights, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and Hollow Knight.

... All of them are Metroidvanias, too.

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