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I'm gay. I'm a lesbian. I don't want to be straight. Have you seen me without this stupid hat on? "Muffin, you don't wear a hat." That's gay.

One of Neon Genesis Evangelion's core questions is whether the self can survive a piecemeal deconstruction and reconstruction over prolonged exposure to traumatic events.

This problem is known in philosophical circles as the Cruel Angel's Ship of Theseus.

I finally stopped procrastinating on watching the Evangelion episode where Asuka gets introduced, and *wow* this has been one continuous clown-show

I found a "suspicious cookie" in the oven. I expected a lazy weed joke but instead got this, which got legitimate laughter out of me.

I think this game might be great, y'all

*Closes bible, gets on knees and folds hands to pray*

Me: Hey, God? Are you like ... okay? Because you've been acting out recently and we're all a little worried about you, so if you want to talk

In New Super Mario Bros., every power-up has a unique ID. Attempting to collect a power-up with an unused ID by modifying the code sometimes results in unique behaviors, such as Mario beginning to grow and not stopping until the game crashes due to his model being too large.

I'm gonna be real w/ y'all

there was a period of time when I was a young child - already knew I was a girl, of course - where I simply didn't understand heterosexuality

what I mean by that is, I took a lot of social signifiers and tropes VERY literally

“You couldn’t transition and keep everything else in your life the same. Couldn’t happen.”

-Casey Plett “A Safe Girl to Love”

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Like, I could do something with the Hifuu stories, but without the broader context of i.e. Mom!Rin Satsuki, and my original plans for PoDD ... I 'unno.

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