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I finally got around to canceling the rent on December 1st... It's going to be a weird occurrence, leaving this place behind

source mirror of youtube-dl encoded as image with decode commands

convert -depth 8 yt_dl1.png rgb:yt_dl1.part
convert -depth 8 yt_dl2.png rgb:yt_dl2.part
cat yt_dl1.part yt_dl2.part > yt_dl-2020.9.20.tar.gz

I went out to resupply myself with food, after a 4 day battle of stay put-it is...

And... Seriously; walking around; and having a pain that only registers as a 3/10 for once, is... A feeling I kind of missed, honestly

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...... Stupid shit you can only say in Dutch;

"mijn voet is ontbonden"

So, just heard the news that users of Minecraft Java Edition will have to sign up for a Microsoft account or lose access to the game.

If you want a FOSS alternative, try checking out @Minetest

You can download it for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and BSD from

You might also want to look at the world-building @illunaminetest and the video-creating @MinetestVideos

For discussing this news, see the thread here:

#Minecraft #MineTest #Microsoft

Introducing a new cryptocurrency with a revolutionary Proof of Snake consensus mechanism.
It 100% scales.

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smartphone is short for smartcelltelephone

I suppose I should thank my mum for teaching me to have at least 3-4 days of food, and deep frozen food in the house at any time; as it sorta comes in handy now

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.... Being unable to walk out the door to buy myself food, I decided to see if I could get some stuff online...

But ofcourse; living in Gronau means I have no such privelege as to get myself food delivered; let go pre-pay for it, as I'd expect at minimum...

like... Literally at all sides

In case you missed it,
#DidYouKnow that the giraffe's heart weighs about 25 pounds? It has to be large enough to pump blood all the way to its brain?

| African Wildlife Foundation

I got complimented on my "dress" yesterday; it felt nice, even though it's a skirt, and... Meow

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