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Hearing in the news that the noncommercial Dutch press, cannot fulfill their rightful duty, because they get threatened by alt-white, conspiracy lunatics, and having far right extremists cheer this on, by literally having portrayed the free press as "lügenpresse" is a heavy day for democracy

... My shilling endorsement is for anyone to get these silent stepper drivers, as 's are a headache... Literally

Also; sitting here; printing a bracket, after... Most of the year of being slow; and kind of wondering if your is actually printing, as you can't hear it over the noise of the printerfans..

Soo... As a follow up to the painful toe; I'm having an appointment at Friday the 16th (so tomorrow)

And having a first look, because

Oh.. And yeah; my main reason for actually going to the ER, is because my toenail needed to be (partially) amputated, because of an infection; and ever since, it's been shit.
And I really can't stand the damn pain anymore; nor the intermittent risk of infection, and everything coming along for the show..

Moreso increased by partial incontinence, and... Literally dealing with a shitty unsanitary bathroom with mold on the ceiling, and a failing shower.; the ER thing most hospitals have; is closed here in because of , and instead; you gotta call in first, and yaddayaddayadda...

Seriously; how about a , I'll come back when i'm seriously bleeding to death, and then go proceed to call, only to hear that living in , just over the damn border, means that I won't be able to receive help...

It's... Not like I heard this before already; and I'd rather save myself the frustration.

I'm about... *this close* (that's about 2 meters or so) away from my sidecutters, so I can *finally* finish feeding some into the printer, and /hopefully/ get the bracket printed, in shiny black PLA.

(by now;it has taken me since.... May? I think; to get myself to print, because im not very motivated... And... Meow)

... My brain is a mess..

Phazing out a dozen of times, and literally feeling like cracked eggshells, as we try to recall whatever happened, before the film broke; and we being left with an end flapping in the breeze, as we have to hear about our stupid shit we did whilst not being home

... Fixing my and hopefully printing a bracket...

But the you found out the glass plate went somewhere... :c

People you trusted, violating your trust, and going out on a limb to... Seriously violate silent rules of trust...

Gee, seriously? You didn't expect at all; that when you're proposing these things as second in command of my ship; that I don't seriously feel violated by your actions?

Gee fucking thanks.

just finished transing my gender
maybe i will trans it again tomorrow

I'll gladly say you put the "cis" in racist, to someone being racist

But even without the cis.. There still would be a dirty rat.

..... Oh gods...

It's 2020, and , still cannot serve me up a page in pure English, pure Dutch, or just fricking anything that's not... An amalgamation of 3 different languages..

OVH, you never cease to amaze me

.... - when you meow at things, in an obvious attempt to understand the world, you always make things better

i think cis people should have to tell their partners if they are transphobes before sex

It's funny, thinking about it; speaking to a certain deer called Fawndant, whom got turned against me by a fucking lunatic ex partner, that was jealous of a lot of things...

And realizing that I still care, and want to be friends, and supply them good connections..

Am I really as bad as some abusers make me out to be?

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