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Reminder to install ublock origin on your browser :)

Install SponsorBlock if you watch a lot of YouTube!

Install AdAway if you have a rooted android phone

Blocking ads is self care and helps give your brain a break <3

.... I forgot, October 3rd is mandatory close your doors day in Germany.... Good thing I bought my chili ingredients yesterday...

.. That timeframe of waking up from a nap, and still being somewhat asleep is best

there is no room to sit on the couch without disturbing the cat

Shilling for is hard...

Momapoom is ready for , and be her feline cougy self again *giggles*

(not my pic, pic taken from pinterest)

Waking up tyred again, awaiting the mailperson to deliver my important letters, and wanting to go out, because... Meow

I will snuggle them all

not just the catboys, but the catgirls and -enbies too

I can't believe it's almost the end of again.

This time around; the month certainly managed to surprise me, and be... Life changing, in many a ways

and people say voting doesn’t make a difference!

These are the feet of a cat who has just woken up, noticed that I've also woken up, has inspected the glass dish where we sometimes¹ give her a large cocktail ice cube, discovered it to be empty, meowed piteously about this discovery, and is now waiting for me to fix the situation.

Cats, yo.

¹: rather often now if I'm honest

#cats #mastocats #catstodon #catsOfMastodon #caturday cc: @nev #politeFeet

do not be fooled by her calm demeanour!

she is actually annoyed with me because i won't feed her early

her tail is whipping back and forth

#mastocats #catsodon

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