See the number of 23, there?

My ledger, should have been only accessible to a max of 8 other individuals, and after purging of the old boys, that number dropped to 3..

Clearly these cucks, have nothing better to do in their lives but to defame their old friends, because it's so damn hard to not be a peaceful person, and instead live up to the term of confederate

A lovely little named Beau, derived from , because this little lady torbie, is an angel, and a cutie, and apparently sees me as a hooman pillow <3

Unwrapped bandages, bloodstained.. Show more

Bandaged foot, lots of wrappings Show more

Shilling for is hard...

Momapoom is ready for , and be her feline cougy self again *giggles*

(not my pic, pic taken from pinterest)

talking about made me think about the shots i made in august/september 2014, together with the on 400.
i love the overall colour palette, even though the red flower is really blown out of proportions, due to it being a sunny day.

I went out for photo's today; only to find out my tripod is broken :c

Though; this one still managed to look pretty.. *blush*

Stuff I want in my new place...

If anything screams trans; this is it.

I finally have a self-torture test :c

With thanks to Roche for giving them away for free, as long as you buy lancets and teststrips

Sleepy mx. purrincess, waiting for princx(prin-six), prince, princess or other folk of equal attire to wake hir up from their sleep 💜

snagglepuss, furry trash joke, mockery of self Show more

Lovely nasi from the jumbo, styled up with some sambal, and ketjap... Kind of want another one of these

I am disappoint..

I wanted to have a breakfast mcmuffin.. But not available, apparently..

Sooo; I'll make due with a cup of coffee instead

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