...so....apparently; the ER thing most hospitals have; is closed here in because of , and instead; you gotta call in first, and yaddayaddayadda...

Seriously; how about a , I'll come back when i'm seriously bleeding to death, and then go proceed to call, only to hear that living in , just over the damn border, means that I won't be able to receive help...

It's... Not like I heard this before already; and I'd rather save myself the frustration.

🐾⚧🐾Autumn nomf Clawdia🐾⚧🐾

Oh.. And yeah; my main reason for actually going to the ER, is because my toenail needed to be (partially) amputated, because of an infection; and ever since, it's been shit.
And I really can't stand the damn pain anymore; nor the intermittent risk of infection, and everything coming along for the show..

Moreso increased by partial incontinence, and... Literally dealing with a shitty unsanitary bathroom with mold on the ceiling, and a failing shower.

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