I'm genuinely worried about how the next release of macOS is going to destroy the platform's development accessibility and immediately render over a decade of X86 software unusable

32-bit apps are gone, and now Apple requires you to pay 100 bucks a month for the rest of your life to develop ANY software for macOS.

So that means FOSS on macOS is functionally dead, and independent development just got a lot more expensive. If you rely on free apps and non-AppStore apps, then enjoy them while you can, or just don't update to 10.15.

Since Steam is still a 32-bit application on macOS, I am EXTREMELY worried about Steam just becoming blacklisted entirely on 10.15


@QuestForTori I'd sincerely hope it will encourage valve to release a 64-bit binary package instead..
Even though chanced for that seem slim, and.. Just.. Meow..

Just one more reason to invest in hardwares like that.. :c

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