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... We're in a world with a modern day .

Guess what happens in the supermarket today...

There's this guy, pushing a cart, coughing in his hand, and then holding the trolley again, as well as coughing a few times in the open air...

I have issues, as well as ..

So I'm honestly not too dreadedly happy with people ignoring the basic advice

I should add, that the shower, unlike its luxurious appearance, is utter crap, as there's this German style of thermostatic knob on it, that either is too hot, or too cold, or performs somewhat underwhelming..

Aside from everything being cheap plastics :c

I'm aware I took these in the ghetto bathroom, but this is the sole place in the house where there's enough light, when it's already getting dark outside..

They arrived last week, and after a small snip-snip with the cutters, they worked like a charm, being super silent <3 yay steppers <3

I honestly hope my new drivers arrive soon... It's getting kind of aggravating to deal with half-assed marlin support for stepper drivers

.... I just bit the bullet and ordered a set of stepper drivers... As it seems these DRV8825's are being complete trash with the skr e3 board for some dumb reason

Also; have I stated yet how much I love not living in Germany in the future?

And how rewarding it would feel not live in a country where I can't even get peanutbutter, or ginger jam, or... Hagelslag.... Cornbread, taco seasoning, or just basic Tylenol in the drugstore, because I honestly can't overstate how much I miss these... Very basic ingredients

Soon... My safety razor got lost in the mail...

Thanks for the fuckup Amazon...

8n other news, I bought another and had to use prime, and honestly; prime video sucks mother fucking donkey balls in Germany, because they have nothing even remotely relevant, and everything is dubbed..

So honestly; thanks for nothing, Amazon.

I have the concentration of homeopathic lemon juice most of the time

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I gotta say though; that... Years ago; I was looking into setting up a and have it connected to the , and have the trigger activate by voice activation; and have it send audio into the or band, but sadly; inability to; and a short attentionspan seem to have been a bad culprit there.

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