Sleepy mx. purrincess, waiting for princx(prin-six), prince, princess or other folk of equal attire to wake hir up from their sleep 💜 I'm honestly surprised how much bad luck you can have for that small damage waiver fee..

Especially the poor mustang getting hammered while brand new... Meow

ADHD is a superpower that gives you the ability to lose any object no matter how important it is

... And apparently there's a 5th season of , and the first half of it aged as badly as spoiled milk..
The second half could be packed up in about half of it..

Needless to say; more extensive was done, and then there was a tiny bit of sweetness involved, and a grand setup...

Honestly; a directors cut which omits about half of everything would be a recommended thing

Like... "I have this handmade phone thingy that's like a super hard disk, and it can copy data from everything in its vicinity, and copy scylla keys in about 120 seconds!

Nottomention the... Godawful... Dumbass faux nerd comments of the Asian kid.... And every inbetween scene feeling like some sort of... Cheap Mythbusters-like setup, but then on a fox channel...

Also; watching .. It really feels like they ran out of content somewhere in season 02.. With season 03 being kind of "decent" and season 04 being literally just... Horseshit...

With the terrible representation of "tech words" being kind of supercringe, on top of a plot that's unrealistic at best

Putting up a batch of heavy metal, to keep the icky call to prayer out feels good


Reading up on on , and realizing that your psoriasis really is psychological to a large degree...

But Noone if your family seems to be willing to understand, and rather ignore, because it holds no benefit

"torrenting a game is the same as stealing it, it's a lost sale"

that's great news, now I can set up a server farm to pirate J.K. Rowling's new Harry Potter game and repeatedly delete and redownload it until i bankrupt her

... Speaking of which; I just realized that if you have the original DVD's, you can save and distribute a copy of the original DVD's online.. And make a generational copy of them for distribution in h.264 and h.265 format; or h.266 when that comes around :3

that dastardly and muttley and their flying machines, was originally going to feature someone else than dastardly and muttley as main antagonists..

I'm honestly kind of glad they put in dastardly and muttley, they're such... Typical villains..

Though; the entire show is honestly a joy to watch, as it's so incredibly silly

For a second there I forgot that in their "reality" being is a , being is a crime, being is evidently a crime, and are , and adhering to is being part of the , and only the vehement in can save you from the evil...

... A group of reality challenged people, cheered on by the infamous alt-white/hoax community of the Netherlands is putting banana's on the courthouses in the big city, because for 2-3 times in a tow, their is fake nonsense festival has been canceled, because these... Triglodites think that the rules are ..and ....

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Lovely nasi from the jumbo, styled up with some sambal, and ketjap... Kind of want another one of these

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