... Also; one of the weird things this one lives with, is that we don't remember when we read things, whether it was in Dutch or English, as we process both as one, it seems

Also; I literally sprayed all of my stuff today with budget brand febreze..
And I kind of feel ashamed about it, as I can't recall where in fricking hecks name, I left my other bedsheets..

... Something crossing my mind..
A crazy likely doped up idiot from the Amsterdam squatterscene, told me once I deserved a neck-shot, just for being a ..

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Eager to try this one later tonight, even though I'm already amped on the caffeine~

This yerba mate was a really nice experience to drink again <3

Amazon making me a happy kitten today...

Having my package eta moved forward from Wednesday to Tuesday.. Kind of still within the range of 36-48 hour delivery time, which is sweet <3

On a funner note tho.. with day 1 of the election day heist, and game mechanics failing on max difficulty is always a fun experience..

Ok, I'm really angry. GTK4 will REMOVE ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES: gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/iss

No screen reader or braille displays, no eye tracking for the paralyzed, no information to screen magnifiers so they can move while typing, no . 100% fuck you GTK. Fuck. You.

What does this mean for disabled people? Back to Windows for you!

.... Gotta love it when people completely ignore boundaries and start really triggering bad memories of abusive relationships in chat... Just because you mention related species...

... Getting attacked and trollspammed on my chat by an idiot fuckwad, because I daresay that i do not endorse explicit pornography involving minors of *any* kind; be it furry *or* human, is apparently the kind of treatment I get these days..

Sometimes I'm happy with having .

Today is one of such days.

finally getting my silicone spacers to replace my yellow bed springs on the ender 5...

how do i love the modification in the setting "preheat ABS" to PETG, and change temperature parameters accordingly <3

Crossing over by accident into reading about medication...

I kind of feel aggravated now, since every damn medicine seems to be an immunosuppressive drug..

And I really don't want to have medication like that, for evident reasons..

The aggravation here, is; that because of me having gotten homeless, I apparently cannot get help... But in the meantime; the reason I became homeless, is because of getting inappropriate help...but to correct it, I apparently have to be having housing... And not live in the boonies..

oh dear over 500 accounts follow me and i will ignore this fact and just pretend nobody knows who i am

The difficulty here, is that I'm homeless; whilst residing just over the border, in the middle of the , because a damn homeless shelter, would likely be a very bad choice for me..

... Going to try and reach the Hague tomorrow, and being a grump at the desk..

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