Happy baby on her pillow, on her chair, in her house, that I co-habitate *giggles*

Just about every "under construction" sign you saw on the web in the 90s:


Stuff I realize today whilst taking to my friends, is that my has basically already chosen me.

Basically, shooting with a feels so... Natural..

Even though I'm shooting with a 50mm lens on an m42 to f mount converter, and an 50 , instead of a lens, as those are just prohibitively expensive..

Seeing the seal seriously made my day <3

The card inside made me feel grateful for the people that can appreciate my existence

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so when are they gonna reveal 2022 is a prank?

"it is faster to ignore gender completely for the sake of speed" #agdq

@noiob turns out I'm not non-binary, I'm just a speedrunner.

Things I'm considering;
* loading up my with 100 film, when the roll of Ilford HP5 plus is finally full.
* finding a roll of 400 for my F801s SLR, maybe shoot another roll of , or
* finding my Olympus II, and reload it with another filmstock?
Maybe a , maybe another filmstock?
has do many choices these days.

on this;

is loaded with a roll of centuria 200 currently.

I found a roll of at 160, currently in cold storage, as the is loaded with 200 slide film.

The in the came out great, with lots of associated , and 2 finishing shots featuring me and my best friend.

The mju-II was found, shot a piece of a roll of 200, and got splashed with water...
Miraculously still working ; film is clearly borked tho, and has water damage; but .

if to currently; as my fridge is still full.

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⚠️ notice 

thank mew for noticing :netkitty_face:

making a mesh network by opening up a cat5 cable and using the wires within the weave a fine mesh

... Weird idea that passed trough my head, recently.

The only digital camera I've ever loved, was a 3.2 megapixel Sony cybershot camera, that shot on equally obsolete memory sticks.

Meanwhile; my heart is still with all the way.

What living with a cat is like

Sushi on my plate, and chicka ready to join..

Sadly I can't afford to share my sushi with her, as it's too salty.

Well, here's a new one...

Apparently I can use gel, because it fucks with my lungs...

Now that I have the Dutch, Belgian and German bottles of in my collection; do I get a special prize?

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