... That moment you're full of ideas, but lack serious funding

I'm seriously wondering how easily I can implement this with cutting up another short microUSB cable.. As I'd only need half of the pins :c

... I just learned combot (a telegram bot) can autodelete offensive stickers, like the one sibe made..

A serious blessing, for culling the crap on bullshit stickers, before your chatroom goes to all hell

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... Looking at diy controllers on the ...

Literally the biggest thing on my mind is; "can I please remove that crappy microUSB connector and replace it with a type C connector instead?

I kinda like the idea of not having to worry about breaking my connector because I moved my controller 3 centimeters to the right..

@Dee "please disable adblock" placeholders but when you disable adblock it pops up a full-page banner that just says "SUCKER" and boots you out.

Earlier today.. Doing my facepaint in the train.. With abhorrent lighting at times..

Looking tyred, but still fabulous, after a long and heavy day..

I try to avoid kinks because that's how you end up with wear and damage on your cables.

Lipstick, awesome wet n wild lipstick from Amazon.. On sale <3

I also love how little my psoriasis is expressing in the glassless piccie, as its still kind of my little unspoken curse..

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.... I kind of have to say that my is a literal hero..

Having dropped it in the toilet because of a moment of , and having it dried with rice for 5 days.. Im pleasantly surprised that it still works, and acts like nothing happened <3

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here is a box of soft kitn purrs and luv to open whenever you feel sad 🎁

Gotta love these non-ikea situations, where there's no instruction sheet whatsoever..

I still hane no clue how to assemble it, and.. Mewf

... Watching a movie made 40 years after the book..

And seeing so much coolness...

.. Especially a scene where you like see the beautiful scenery from the southwestern US, and then *wham* suddenly they're in like.. A little typical town in The Netherlands.. XD

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