Because of chaos happening today on the bird site I'm being asked how good Mastodon is for artists from someone who has no idea how Mastodon works.

I'm not sure how to respond, any ideas?

Got recommended mouth wash by the dentist that contains wound cleanser and you know what, I think I've had worse tasting ones

I am so glad I gave away my Granblue account and threw away everything needed to restore it, gacha games are bad for me

my pronouns 

I've changed my pronouns on here. I don't mind if others do so but I promise if I change pronouns often I'll just have more than one.

Skyrim AE made me a bit sad.
I spent a full work week modding it, and the forced Steam update ignoring my settings ruined the whole thing.

I never get around to playing Skyrim but it still feels like I lost something

Hi I'm new to this place if I get random mutuals that'll motivate me to quit Twitter so please help

Well I'm here. Maybe it's time to attempt to get an identity again., your cosy queer space is a mastodon instance for those who are queer or queer-adjacent who would like a more pleasant social media experience.