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Made a alt so I have a foot in two instances, just in case one goes down.

boost this (or reply) and i'll draw your avi. it's not gonna be great. I might take hours, even days. but it might be funny, and in the end, thats the only thing that matters

You want to know my secret...?🔞 

I'm always hornt. 🐊

Made a alt so I have a foot in two instances, just in case one goes down.

My gf is now talking about how she likes Neutral Milk Hotel. This is your fault.

Thinkin' about starting my own religion.

A Goddess needs followers after all. 😏

HRT stuff 

Don't take progesterone on an empty stomach...

In other news, I'm a dizzy lizrd bitch right now.



Fun fact.

I own a leash I braided myself from purple paracord. Because my subs deserve that personal touch 😈

My damned keyboard is starting to skip key-presses... But only -sometimes-.

Not sure if it's the 'board, or a software thing.

So... Yea. In light of lists being fucked, I've updated my profile a little. Bio needs more characters, but meh.

Like... If I'm flirting with you and mentioned my partner in the same breath? It's 'cause we're poly. Not 'cause I'm tryna be an asshole!

Definitely gonna have to rearrange my profile... My pronouns were in that list, too.

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Just saw a post that some apps don't show the list stuff in you profile? That's kinda bad, 'cause I put important stuff in there and flavor shit in my bio.

Hey dorks. What's good in Mastodon today?

Me? I slept all damned day and feel like I got in a headbutt match with a particularly angry goat.

Polyamory needs a better symbol... The flag and infinity heart are honestly pretty lame.

This dye makes my hair smell vaguely of berries. And by vaguely, I mean the berry scent is... well it's definitely -some- kind of berry.

The scent lasts for ages.

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