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If you think it's acceptable to misgender someone because they did something awful or are right wing or was a spree killer or for **any reason at all** then feel free to DM me, I'll try to change your mind.

Because I don't think that's ever an acceptable thing to do.

I'm literally incapable of overstating how much I love the dance scene from the Utena movie...

Which is funny, because I actually really dislike the scene within the context of the Utena movie itself.

I was also really disappointed by the movie overall.

But this scene, in isolation...

It's really special to me anyway.

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Is multi account support in the client at all in the pipeline?

Some people I know say that only femme-ish boys are the good ones.

I however, have a counterpoint.

Miles Edgeworth.

Hello! This is the chuuni captain of your space adventure, with a plan boiling in her head and ready to set off!

(selfie taken to help cheer someone up about their future possibilities to look good, didn't turn out too bad, thought I'd post it here)

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Someone I know has bullied me into wearing glasses again after I mentioned that I feel uncomfortable seeing distant objects as non blurry due to how used to not wearing glasses I've become.

I only have my *super dorky* old ones lying around, but if you wanna see the disaster selfie, just check the next toot in this thread.

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